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What is CitiStat?

CitiStat is a leadership strategy that employs data-driven management systems to monitor and improve the performance of city agencies, on the task of producing clearly specified results.

The goal of CitiStat is to develop measurable performance standards for every area of city government. The creation of these standards is not done in a vacuum. That is, each department has the opportunity to define it's own goals and contribute to the methodology used to determine the department’s progress in achieving those goals. The success of the CitiStat model of government management is built on:

• Ongoing series of regular, periodic meetings
• Accurate and timely intelligence
• Rapid deployment of resources
• Effective tactics and strategy
• Relentless follow-up and assessment

The ongoing discussion of performance involves much persistent follow-up on past performance deficits and previous commitments to fix specific problems, as well as follow-up on decisions, commitments, and established expectations for future performance improvements.

Updated 3/26/2013 2:21 PM
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