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What is a vacation?

A vacation is a request to vacate public right-of-ways (alleys, walkways, roadways) or utility easements located within the public right-of-ways or easements platted in a subdivision. An application that details the submittal requirements is available in the Planning Department or may be accessed from the Planning Department page of the City’s website.  After the proper submittal of the application and required plans and documentation, a public hearing is held before the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission makes a recommendation to City Council on the request. City Council also holds a public hearing on the item and makes a decision to approve or deny the request. If City Council approves the request, the petitioner will then be required to pursue Circuit Court action or relinquishment of the easement, alley, etc. to be vacated by written agreement between certain affected parties.
Updated 3/26/2013 3:51 PM
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