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What is the process of having the sidewalk repaired?

Two methods are currently in place to have sidewalks repaired.

The first method involves the Engineering Division inspecting from neighborhood to neighborhood placing locations on repair lists.

The second method is a City Wide complaint-driven repair program. Once approved by the Sidewalk and Tree Review Board and confirmed by City Council, the locations are provided to a Contractor for repair. The sidewalks are then painted with an X on each one that requires repair. Next, the Contractor will take out the sidewalks that have an X. Any tree roots that are in the way will be taken out to a depth of twelve inches in the area of repair. The Contractor will then form and pour the new sidewalk. After approximately seven days, the forms will be removed and topsoil and seed will be installed. There shall be no driving on any sidewalks that are poured in front of a driveway for approximately seven days. Sod is only placed in the vicinity of handicap ramps as part of this program.

Updated 4/4/2013 2:41 PM
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