Can you explain the sidewalk billing process?
Do I have a warranty on the repair?
How can I reach the Engineering Office?
How do I know if I am in a flood zone?
Isn't the City responsible for the sidewalk?
There is standing water in my backyard. Where should I report ponding/standing water?
What are the office hours of the Engineering Division?
What can Engineering do about my rear yard drainage issues?
What do I need if I repair the sidewalk myself?
What does Engineering do?
What happens if a catch basin is deteriorating?
What if I can't afford to pay for my sidewalk repairs?
What is the difference between a driveway and a drive approach?
What is the process of having the sidewalk repaired?
What standards are used to determine if a sidewalk needs repair?
Where can I report a street light outage?
Where is Engineering located?
Who can clean the catch basin in the street that is full of debris?
Who decides if the sidewalk needs repairing?
Who do I call if my sidewalk is already cracked after being repaired?
Who do I contact if the sidewalk in front of my home is in need of repair?
Who is responsible for sidewalk repairs?
Who is responsible for the costs associated with rear yard drainage installations?
Who replaces the grass that was damaged during construction?

Engineering Complaint Filing Process

What happens after the complaint is answered?
What is the process of filing a complaint?
When can I expect an inspector to handle my complaint?
Who replaces the grass that was damaged during construction?
Will someone call me with the complaint evaluation results?

Restoration Repairs

Who replaces the grass that was damaged during construction?

Right of way

Can a homeowner obtain a permit to do work in the Right of Way (ROW)?
Can I do work in the Right of Way (ROW)?
What are the Right of Way (ROW) permit requirements?
What is a right-of-way?


Can the Engineering Division survey private property?
What do colored markings stand for

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