Tax + Assessment

Tax Preparation Assistance
What happens with special assessments when I purchase a HUD home?
What is the City of Warren’s tax exemption number?
What is the difference between homestead and non-homestead properties?
When will we receive our sidewalk installment bill?
Where can I obtain a W-9 (a.k.a. tax exemption form) for the City of Warren?
Where can I pay my city tax bill and/or water bill?

Direct Pay for Water Payments

How can a direct pay form be obtained?
How quickly can direct payment of a water bill be set up/changed?
Who can be contacted about questions concerning the direct payment of a water bill?

Property Assessment

I just purchased a home in Warren. Where do I file the Homestead papers?

Real Estate Taxes

Am I able to get tax information over the phone?
Do I have any leins on my property?
Do I have to pay school taxes even though I do not have children in school?
How can I obtain a copy of my tax bill or paid taxes?
I cannot afford my taxes. Is there help?
Is there a discount on taxes for seniors?
What are the City/School/County millage rates?
What are the dues dates for taxes?
What do the different items on the tax bill mean?
What does SEV and TV mean on my tax bill?
What does the "PRE" represent on my tax bill?
What happens if I don't pay my taxes by February 28th?
What happens if I don't pay on time?
What options are there for paying taxes? Partial payments? Payment plans?
What time frame do the tax bills cover?
When are tax bills mailed?
When can taxes be appealed?
When does my home go into foreclosure for delinquent taxes?
When will you have the new tax amounts?
Where can tax payments be made?
Who can be contacted if I think my taxes are too high?
Who should be contacted to update/change the name/mailing address on the tax bill?
Who should I contact when my mortgage is paid off and I now pay my taxes?
Why doesn't the city website reflect delinquent tax payments made to the county?

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