Blight + Debris + Code Issues

DPW clean up needed - Large amount (Claw Stop)

We want to replace kitchen cabinets, floor covering and paint, do we need a permit?

Garage + Shed Inspection

Do I need a permit for a shed or garage on my property?

Grass & Weeds

My neighbor's grass is over six inches tall. Where should I report tall grass?

Rat+Rodent+Pest Issues

Does the city have a policy for mosquito prevention?
How can I keep Rats from nesting?
How can Rat populations be controlled?
How do I know if my storm basin has been treated for Mosquito prevention?
I saw a rat in my yard. What should I do?
Is trapping Rats similar to Mice?
What are the best poisoning and baiting methods for Rats and Mice?
What are the best trapping methods for Rats and Mice?
What is the difference between Rats and Mice?
When are Rats active, and what is their behavior?
Where do Rats come from?

Rodent Infestation Reporting

Rodent complaint

Tall Grass-PUBLIC/CITY Property

What is the DDA?

Vacant + Abandoned Home or Property

There is a foreclosed home in my area that is not being cared for. Where should I report this?
Where can I report a blighted property?

Vehicle Abandoned Private Property

There is an abandoned vehicle contributing to blight on private property. Who do I report this to?
What should I do if an abandoned vehicle happens to be on private property?

Vehicles Abandoned + Unregistered

What should I do about a junk or abandoned vehicle parked on private property?

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